Cucumber Bagelwiches 


50 Lenders® Traditiona Plain Bagelettes (00046) 

1.6 lb. cream cheese

3 tbsp. dill weed

2.27 lb. cucumbers, unpeeled, sliced


Place bagelette halves on 3 – 18" x 26" pans, 10 down and 8 across.

Spread each bagelette half with 1 1/2  tsp. cream cheese. Sprinkle dill weed on cream cheese.

Lay cucumber slices on top of dill weed and cream cheese. Sprinkle small amount of dill weed on top of cucumbers.

CCP: Cool to 41˚F or lower within 4 hours. Cover. Refrigerate until service.

Serve 2 open-faced bagelette halves per serving.


Servings: 50